Ajay Tandon Joined Aug 03, 2011

Ajay is the CEO of SeeThruEquity. He has considerable experience in the financial service industry with respect to advising, structuring transactions, investing in and raising capital for microcap and smallcap public and private enterprises.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $JOB
    General Employment Enterprises Inc.
  2. $NETE
    Net Element
  3. $BBLU
    Blue Earth Inc.
  4. $SYRX
    Sysorex Global Holdings
  5. $IGC
    India Globalization Capital, Inc.
  6. $HILL
    Dot Hill Systems Corp.
  7. $LTRX
    Lantronix Inc.
  8. $PCMI
    PCM, Inc.
  9. $TNXP
    Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp
  10. $DEJ-CA
    Dejour Energy Inc J
  11. $BDCV
    BDCA Venture Adviser, LLC
  12. $XNY
    China Xiniya Fashion Limited
  13. $LAS
    Lentuo International Inc.
  14. $LLEN
    L & L Energy, Inc.
  15. $RICK
    Rick's Cabaret International Inc.
  16. $DFZ
    RG Barry Corp.
  17. $SDBT
    SoundBite Communications, Inc.
  18. $TINY
    Harris & Harris Group, Inc.
  19. $DAIO
    Data I/O Corp.
  20. $ACFN
    Acorn Energy, Inc.