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    Michael Davenport
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    Bruce J Moschella
    Substantial INSIGHT into the intention of price is attained by using statistical price structure. We use high probability market statistics to target the market's direction.
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    Dave Dierking
    Trading and investing for over 20 years. Long-term value investor. Always looking for a good deal.
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    Chaikin Analytics LLC
    Pro Tools for Individual Investors: Find the Winners, Drop the Losers • Stock Ideas, Insights and In-Depth Research • Free Educational Webinars • Created by stock market expert Marc Chaikin
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    Jim Campbell
    P/T commercial helicopter pilot, trader, company director, author.
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    Enterprise Group, Inc. Official Account
    Enterprise Group, Inc. $E.CA is a growing consolidator of profitable businesses providing services to the utility, energy and infrastructure construction sectors of Canada's robust economy. Sign up to be notified at
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    Mr. Breakout
    Cups w/ Handles, All Time New Highs, Today's MoMo, Flags, Pennants & High Tight Flags, IIC 100........."Trade What's Happening...Not What 'Ya Think Is Gonna Happen"
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    Highrisk Stocktraders
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    As a .NET developer, I am able to build solutions that meet the different requirements of my clients. Additionally, there are different tools that I could use to build successful solutions. Today, there is more need for .NET programmers as the need f
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    Ralph Kane
    These days, it is very important to get a software application developer to get regularly up to date while using the present-day platforms. These new platforms make development less complicated and more simple.