Steven Kiel Joined Aug 25, 2011

Hedge fund manager, attorney, and soldier

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $VII
    Vicon Industries Inc.
  2. $PSX
    Phillips 66
  3. $INFU
    InfuSystem Holdings, Inc.
  4. $TSRI
    TSR Inc.
  5. $CRM
  6. $FMCN
    Focus Media Holding Ltd.
  7. $LXU
    LSB Industries Inc.
  8. $JCP
    J. C. Penney Company, Inc.
  9. $TLB
    The Talbots Inc.
  10. $TMP
    Tompkins Financial Corporation.
  11. $VIST
    VIST Financial Corp
  12. $BH
    Biglari Holdings Inc.
  13. $NOOF
    New Frontier Media Inc.
  14. $PRXI
    Premier Exhibitions Inc.
  15. $VRX
    Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.
  16. $CLWR
    Clearwire Corporation
  17. $FMD
    First Marblehead Corp.
  18. $SKX
    Skechers USA Inc.
  19. $F
    Ford Motor Co.
  20. $XL
    XL Group plc