Jeremy Hellman Joined Jun 08, 2011

21 years in the industry, from NASDAQ market making (way back when it seems) to prop trading to portfolio management and sell side research.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $ICEL
    Cellular Dynamics International Inc.
  2. $GRH
    GreenHunter Energy, Inc.
  3. $TRR
    TRC Companies Inc.
  4. $IG
    IGI, Laboratories, Inc.
  5. $RTIX
    RTI Biologics, Inc.
  6. $RTEC
    Rudolph Technologies Inc.
  7. $RELL
    Richardson Electronics Ltd.
  8. $PPSI
    Pioneer Power Solutions
  9. $EMAN
    eMagin Corp.
  10. $RFIL
    RF Industries Ltd.
  11. $MITL
    Mitel Networks Corp.
  12. $NTLS
    NTELOS Holdings Corp.
  13. $EVC
    Entravision Communications Corp.
  14. $RLOC
    ReachLocal, Inc.
  15. $SKUL
  16. $MXWL
    Maxwell Technologies Inc.
  17. $NSPH
    Nanosphere, Inc.
  18. $IEC
    IEC Electronics Corp.
  19. $SMTX
    SMTC Corp.
  20. $ENOC
    EnerNOC, Inc.