Ima Bedhog Joined Nov 12, 2011

I like photography, playing guitar, lead vocals, riding motorcycles, trading, and meeting others that daytrade the E-mini equity indexes.


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    Vadym Graifer
    Trading for a living since 1996. Author of Techniques of Tape Reading and Master Profit Plan; published articles in industry magazines. Speaker at Expos and seminars.
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    Corey Rosenbloom Official Account
    Full-time professional trader, analyst, educator focused on intermarket analysis, classic technicals, and integration of trading strategies intraday (focus on edge)
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    Michael "tiny" Saul
    Trader for 16 years, Educator for the last 12. Software developer, trading mentor and coach, and daily trading newsletter author
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    Chris Sutch
    Part-Time Emini Dow Trader, day trading the afternoon sessions in the US.
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    StockTwits Official Account
    Welcome to StockTwits! Share messages with cash tags e.g. $GLD or $AAPL and join the community. Make sure you also download our mobile apps for iOS and Android.
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    Vince Rowe
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    Carolyn Boroden
    Using Fibonacci time and price analysis to set up trades in stocks and etf's
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    A FREE stocks, futures and options magazine available online only. Topics also include forex, commodities and general trading information. Also free: - a weekly newsletter - daily online posts - webinars each month
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    Discovery Trading Group
    A unique dojo run by a group of professional prop traders/quant developers providing mentorship to futures traders. Trading pure price & volume based on market structure & orderflow. Fully annotated chart examples daily for members
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    MarketWatch Official Account
    Tracking the pulse of the markets. Get business news, personal finance information and real-time commentary from MarketWatch.
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    Andrew Menaker, PhD
    Active trader, PhD in psych., perf. coach since 1995, translating neuroscience & BF into action to improve perf. Clients include some of the top traders in the world.
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    tom barton
    Long time consistently profitable ex-local trader using order flow and momentum in a Market Profile context
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    Sharing charts and ideas with the trading community at large. We specialize in the futures markets, are the inventors of the Footprint chart, and post lots of volume profile and market profile charts.
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    Linda Raschke
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    Jim Cagnina
    Infinity Futures offers state-of-the-art trading tools, including the InfinityAT futures trading platform.
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    Chris (BOTD)
    trading stocks and options. my name is Chris. i own 2 little people.
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    Joshua Belanger Official Account
    Top options expert & online business owner. I help the average investor frustrated with mediocre returns, take charge of their money & create the wealth, freedom & options they dream about.
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    StockTwits TV
    A live web TV network covering finance, investor education and stock trend analysis.
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    Awais Bokhari Official Account
    Futures Trader | Educator | Entrepreneur | Into: Cars, Travel, Financial Markets, Business | Founder, | Co-Founder,
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    Matt Davio
    Former Fund Manager and Trader for multiple funds and Medical Device Sales/MGMT/Marketing