Bruce Jedz Joined Dec 17, 2009

My goal is to have more money after the trade than before the trade.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $BTCUSD
    Bitcoin USD
  2. $VLO
    Valero Energy Corp.
  3. $HSOL
    Hanwha SOlarOne, Ltd.
  4. $HMSY
    HMS Holdings Corp.
  5. $JRCC
    James River Coal Co.
  6. $OXF
    Oxford Resource Partners, L.P.
  7. $UNXL
    Uni-Pixel Inc.
  8. $WLT
    Walter Energy, Inc.
  9. $TSLA
    Tesla Motors, Inc.
  10. $STON
    Stonemor Partners LP
  11. $EVEP
    EV Energy Partners LP
  12. $LNG
    Cheniere Energy, Inc.
  13. $AGNC
    American Capital Agency Corp.
  14. $HTS
    Hatteras Financial Corp
  15. $MWE
    MarkWest Energy Partners LP
  16. $CQP
    Cheniere Energy Partners LP.
  17. $NAT
    Nordic American Tanker Shipping Ltd.
  18. $NLY
    Annaly Capital Management, Inc.