BucksNBills Joined Sep 08, 2013

OSU Buckeye and pharmaceutical scientist. Primarily a bio/pharma swing, momentum, and position trader. I use a comprehensive approach to trading based on a sliding scale of technical and fundamental analysis that varies with every trade

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $NLST
    Netlist Inc.
  2. $CBMX
    CombiMatrix Corporation
  3. $ZA
    Zuoan Fashion Limited
  4. $STXS
    Stereotaxis Inc.
  5. $LPTN
    Lpath Inc.
  6. $DRWI
    DragonWave Inc.
  7. $TGTX
    TG Therapeutics
  8. $AMRS
    Amyris Biotechnologies Inc.
  9. $LEN
    Lennar Corp.
  10. $DVAX
    Dynavax Technologies Corporation
  11. $IPCI
    IntelliPharmaCeutics International Inc.
  12. $PGNX
    Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  13. $ACHN
    Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  14. $SLXP
    Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  15. $NSPR
  16. $ONCY
    Oncolytics Biotech Inc.
  17. $SSH
    Sunshine Heart Inc.
  18. $CEMP
  19. $JAKK
    JAKKS Pacific, Inc.
  20. $ZGNX
    Zogenix, Inc.