Ron Joined Aug 02, 2013

Don't marry'em, trade'em! Speculative stocks are like mistresses....they will do things your wife won't....but at the end of the day, your wife probably won't give you the clap.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $RNN
    Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  2. $KIPS
    Kips Bay Medical Inc
  3. $MNGA
    Magnegas Corporation
  4. $PPHM
    Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  5. $BAXS
    Baxano Surgical, Inc.
  6. $AMPE
    Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc
  7. $URG
    UR-Energy Inc.
  8. $NVAX
    Novavax, Inc.
  9. $GLUU
    Glu Mobile, Inc.
  10. $AEZS
    AEterna Zentaris Inc. (USA)
  11. $OPXA
    Opexa Therapeutics, Inc.
  12. $NWBO
    Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.
  13. $WEST
    Akeena Solar, Inc.
  14. $ELTP
    Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  15. $ALU
  16. $SSN
    Samson Oil & Gas Limited
  17. $GALE
    Galena Biopharma, Inc.
  18. $PXLW
    Pixelworks Inc.
  19. $VICL
    Vical Inc.
  20. $ONTY
    Oncothyreon Inc