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Hedge Fund Trader at 23. Private Trader/Money Manager. Email/Info is below.


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    B D Scrillz
    100% pimp. Velvet Jones Skool of teknology graduate. DNF syndicate - Keep a strong arm steady.
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    Douglas Crets Official Account
    Angel Investor as a hobby; formerly @ Microsoft; now work on social strategy for Starbucks. Views here don't reflect employer views.
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    carol edwards
    Ex ad exec, wrote award winning TV commercials for major agencies NYC, TV scripts in LA. working on a book, & Bartok (piano repertoire).A devout retronaut & happily un-cell phoned. Mostly a position trader . My posts are NOT stock recommendations.
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    Brian Bolan Official Account
    Former Equity Research Analyst. Equity Strategist for Zacks Investment Research I manage Home Run Investor, a buy and hold service of ~20 small cap stocks with great growth potential.
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    Brian Anderson
    Father, husband, avid golfer/skier, college football fan, business owner, forex trader and wealth trader.
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    Shark Feed
    The Shark Feed is comprised of 3 Professional Prop Desk Traders Sharing Ideas & teaching others. Visit the Shark Chat room.
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    Ben Randall
    Just want to learn, put in the time, and make some money. Meeting like minded people is a bonus.
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    George Hamilton
    And just like that...he reappears.
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    Landshark Analytics
    Official page of Landshark Analytics. The Industry Leader in Retail Trading Education. Develop the skills needed to trade futures, options & stocks with Landshark's innovative trading programs.
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    Desmond Thompson
    Child of God, lover of sports, nutrition, fitness, music, and vehicles.
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    Kenny Glick Official Account
    We do a radio show everyday. Check the website for a free trial
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    Pierce Crosby Official Account
    Head of Business Development for Stocktwits. Ex-Reuters Breakingviews, Ex-trader & Columbia Journalism alumni. Message me anytime: pierce@stocktwits.com
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    David Day
    Automated trading systems for retail traders.
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    Equity Options/Futures Trader At Optco Capital Management All tweets are entry and exits of my personal account
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    Kevin Hughes
    Currency trader
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    Jesse Stine
    Author- Insider Buy Super Stocks (2013). $46k to $6.8 million in 28 months (14,972%). My Bread and Butter: The intersection of deep value and extreme momentum. Twitter- @InsiderBuySS
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    Frank R www.clueless8.com
    PREMIUM FREE TRIAL LIVE_Service / www.Clueless8.com / Discount: MEMREFER E:clueless8fr@aol.com Disclaimer: TAOD = Trade at your Own Discretion> All Opinions stated are solely mine & not affiliated with any Business/Financial Entity.
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    Natalie Mueller
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    Greg Harmon Official Account
    Investment. Management at Presidiumcapital.com. Premium Service and free blog at Dragonflycap.com, Professional Stock and Option trader, Get my book here http://amzn.to/1gKxEVv
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    Nicola Duke
    Prop Futures Trader, technical analyst. I also trade some futures, currencies and some large cap stocks. I use fibonacci, harmonics, trend lines, channels and chart patterns.