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    John Butcofski Official Account Joined Sep 26, 2011

    Former Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo Advisors Portfolio Manager. Enjoy fly fishing, tuna fishing, golfing, cooking from scratch and good friends. Big fan of animals, especially dogs!


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      Adam Keeling
      Contributor to Benzinga and Creator / Author of "Main Street Investing". Follow for various investment ideas and strategies. Approach value and technical trading/investing with a focus on multiples for return.
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      Kim Klaiman
      Kim Klaiman is an full time options trader and founder of He trades mostly non-directional strategies, like pre-earnings strangles and iron condors. Likes to trade strategies with negative correlation. He lives in Toronto, Canada.
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      Josh Rose
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      Steven Gregory
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      Ryan Troup
      Circadian Group is an ultra-full-service boutique Investor Relations, Public Relations, and Capital Formation Firm, specifically focused on two industries: Natural Resources and Clean-Tech.
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      vanessa wilson
      Married to my best friend. Foodie and wino. I'm a student of my profession. Evolving every trade at a time. Financially backed trader/advisor of Acclaim Capital Partners.
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      Market Clouds
      Market Clouds is platform that aggregates and analyzes massive amounts of stock-related tweets in real time. Leverage the power of social media for stocks in a customizable dashboard.
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      stephanie link
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      Stornoway Diamonds Official Account
      Stornoway is a leading Canadian diamond exploration and development company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol SWY. Our flagship asset is the 100% owned Renard Diamond Project, on track to becoming Quebec’s first diamond mine.
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      M.R. GOLD
      *Self Employed Consultant* Computer Engineer/CS + Swing Trader, Live-Market Analyst [Aspirations: Teacher, VC, Philanthropist & Golfer]
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      Anton Olff
      Former U.S. Marine, ex-pat New Yorker trades currencies, commodities, and experiences.
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      Thomas Atwood
      Founded Pentucket Capital in 2008; Chartered Financial Analyst; Wharton alum; Value/GARP investor; Entrepreneur; 18-year #Patriots season ticketholder
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      Shailesh Kumar
      Long term value investor
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      Big Ticks offers a trading blog, real time stock charts and a network of niche stock market websites focused on straight forward technical and fundamental analysis.
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      nancy ottofy
      Stockbroker 17 yrs. Retired to mountains of Co, and owned property on the island of Roatan. Help family and friends with investing and trade and invest for own portfolio.Certified Mediator.Travel extensively.
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      Jeremy Hamerman
      I trade emini futures (TF, ES, euro; and some $AAPL) ... do product dev at -- a #startup developing real-time charting and collaboration platform
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      raymond vaughan dodd
      When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson
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      Scott Redler Official Account
      Chief Strategist at and T3 Trading Group, frequent guest on CNBC & Bloomberg, dedicated IronMan, devoted Husband & Father.
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      Dan Tarr