Chris Joined Feb 12, 2013

Day trader, short term opportunist playing volume and volatility. Trade stocks and options normally for 3 days to 2 weeks. I have been trading for about 15 years and thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the strict adherence to discipline to be successful.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $NLNK
    Newlink Genetics Corporation
  2. $SWSH
    Swisher Hygiene Inc.
  3. $RBCN
    Rubicon Technology, Inc.
  4. $OSUR
    OraSure Technologies Inc.
  5. $HGSH
    China HGS Real Estate Inc.
  6. $CMRX
    Chimerix, Inc.
  7. $RIO
    Rio Tinto plc
  8. $OXGN
    Oxigene Inc.
  9. $ADHD
    Alcobra Pharma Ltd.
  10. $DRL
    Doral Financial Corp.
  11. $PRAN
    Prana Biotechnology Ltd.
  12. $PRKR
    Parkervision Inc.
  13. $AWRE
    Aware Inc.
  14. $ASMB
    Assembly Biosciences
  15. $LIQD
    Liquid Holdings Group, LLC
  16. $CIM
    Chimera Investment Corporation
  17. $SYMC
    Symantec Corporation
  18. $GRPN
  19. $QTWW
    Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc.
  20. $SGYP
    Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.