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Stocks I'm Following

  1. $DANG
    E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc.
  2. $DIA
    SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average
  3. $QQQ
    PowerShares Nasdaq-100 QQQ
  4. $GLD
    SPDR Gold Shares
  5. $ATHL
    Athlon Energy
  6. $USO
    United States Oil
  7. $EBAY
    eBay Inc.
  8. $CVX
    Chevron Corp.
  9. $WLT
    Walter Energy, Inc.
  10. $MU
    Micron Technology Inc.
  11. $XAUUSD
    Gold U.S. Dollar
  12. $CRM
  13. $MCZ
    Mad Catz Interactive Inc.
  14. $SATC
    Satcon Technology Corporation
  15. $RDN
    Radian Group Inc.
  16. $ZIOP
    ZIOPHARM Oncology, Inc.
  17. $DVAX
    Dynavax Technologies Corporation
  18. $FTWR
    FiberTower Corporation
  19. $GPL
    Great Panther Silver Ltd
  20. $SAM
    Boston Beer Co. Inc.