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    Pierce Crosby Official Account Joined Jan 20, 2013

    Head of Business Development for Stocktwits. Ex-Reuters Breakingviews.


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      Data Simply
      We deliver insights from machine-read SEC filings and market data so you can be even more amazing.
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      Kirk Du Plessis
      Full time options trader, new father and husband. I'm also the Head Trader over at Option Alpha.
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      Equity Options Trader. Trade at your Own Discretion. Posts do not constitute as trading advice. CBOT. Do not bother asking me for my sources.
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      I make highly leveraged short term trades using technicals, fundamentals and other criteria. Whether you're long or short is all that matters. Everything else is just noise.
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      Lucid Trader
      True market success is achieved by learning the right things, unlearning the wrong ones, and then learning how to actually trade. Execution and trade management is more important than analysis.
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      This is my real-time trading journal. Scalper/Swing / Tape Reader / Fade Trader / News Junkie
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      Martin Shkreli
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      finbox Official Account (previously Levered Returns) provides sophisticated investment analysis tools that help you spend more time analyzing and less time organizing. Join the community and start making smarter investment decisions.
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      Higher Low
      Fundamentals are for theorists and under-performing hedge funds. What should happen and what is happening are two different things. I trade what is happening. Follow me and lets make some money.
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      Christopher Post
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      Jeff McDowell, CMT Official Account
      Technical Analysis. Empirical Research. Quantitative Innovation.
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      Jon Markman Official Account
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      Options Edge
      Stock market education. Options strategies, analysis and charting.
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      Crab Claw
      KING-TROLL aka Crab Claw. You are Beer Money-I'm all Year Money- ❤️when u block me I wave my finger every-time #Dikembe Motumbo- stock market is Las Vegas in your living room - EVERY GAMBLER DIES BROKE. If my Mom was a Stock I would Short sell her 2
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      Jesse Stine
      Author- Insider Buy Super Stocks (2013). $46k to $6.8 million in 28 months (14,972%). My Bread and Butter: The intersection of deep value and extreme momentum. Twitter- @InsiderBuySS
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      Jeff Macke Official Account
      Professional investor since 1997. +19.5% net annualized returns from 1998-2005. Original cast member of Fast Money. Host on Yahoo Finance 2011- March 2015. Author: Clash of the Financial Pundits w/ Josh Brown
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      I have had great MENTORS and have a great team that I work with. One thing that I have learned from my mentors, it is about consistency. If you are interested in watching me trade live with an open P&L
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      Rishi Singh Official Account
      Founder of Bridging the gap between Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg. Former trader/coder at a quant fund and bank. Computational chem and poetry nerd.
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      Samantha Boord Official Account
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      Arun Chopra CFA, CMT Official Account
      All charts/comments strictly for information and educational purposes only. Suitability, specific circumstances not taken into account. Comments/posts are idea generation only, do your own due diligence.