DC Joined Apr 14, 2013

Former market professional, now President & CEO of acquired private company. Specialization is investing in publicly traded small & micro cap companies experiencing cyclical or non-critical misfortune, with a bias towards consolidating sectors

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $GBV-CA
    Group Bikini Village
  2. $WEQ-UN-CA
    WesternOne Equity Income Fund
  3. $AGF-B-CA
    AGF Management Ltd.
  4. $BBRY
  5. $WJX-CA
    Wajax Corporation
  6. $CF-CA
    Canaccord Financial
  7. $SII-CA
    Sprott Inc
  8. $CSA-CA
    Commercial Solutions
  9. $GMP-CA
    Gmp Capital Trust Un