Don Looney Joined Jul 29, 2013

I bring little to the table but humor. And beer. Lets have some fun while we piss off our lifes savings!

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $KITE
    Kite Pharma
  2. $XGTI
    xG Technology, Inc.
  3. $ACHN
    Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  4. $IPO
    Renaissance IPO ETF
  5. $OINK
    Tianli Agritech, Inc.
  6. $IPCI
    IntelliPharmaCeutics International Inc.
  7. $CFNB
    California First National Bancorp
  8. $AKS
    AK Steel Holding Corporation
  9. $OCLR
    Oclaro, Inc.
  10. $PRKR
    Parkervision Inc.
  11. $WHZ
    Whiting USA Trust II
  12. $TWTR
  13. $FB