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Map of health & safety issues near oil & gas operations. Water contamination, air pollution, oil spills, blowouts, explosions and pipeline accidents.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $ESTE
    Earthstone Energy, Inc.
  2. $RECV
    Recovery Energy Inc
  3. $CEP
    Constellation Energy Partners LLC
  4. $TGC
    Tengasco Inc.
  5. $DOM
    Dominion Resources Black Warrior Trust
  6. $ZN
    Zion Oil & Gas, Inc.
  7. $PSTR
    PostRock Energy Corporation
  8. $MTR
    Mesa Royalty Trust
  9. $USEG
    US Energy Corp.
  10. $MPET
    Magellan Petroleum Corporation
  11. $ECT
    Eca Marcellus Trust I
  12. $PNRG
    PrimeEnergy Corp.
  13. $SOQ
    Sonde Resources Corp.
  14. $ERN
    Erin Energy Corp.
  15. $WHX
    Whiting USA Trust I
  16. $EQU
    Equal Energy Ltd.
  17. $SARA
    Saratoga Resources Inc
  18. $HDY
    Hyperdynamics Corporation
  19. $EGN
    Energen Corp.
  20. $LPR
    Lone Pine Resources