Carlos Gonzalez Joined Jul 17, 2012

Economics student with a growing passion for stocks and markets. I'm slowly specializing in the biopharma sector and learning as much as I can everday.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $ISNS
    Image Sensing Systems, Inc.
  2. $GWPH
    GW Pharmaceuticals plc
  3. $JAZZ
    Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  4. $AHPI
    Allied Healthcare Products Inc.
  5. $VSR
    Versar Inc.
  6. $SWSH
    Swisher Hygiene Inc.
  7. $APT
    Alpha Pro Tech Ltd.
  8. $ABUS
    Arbutus Biopharma Corporation
  9. $LAKE
    Lakeland Industries Inc.
  10. $OMEX
    Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc.
  11. $IDN
    Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc.
  12. $ICPT
    Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  13. $VISN
    VisionChina Media Inc.
  14. $OLED
    Universal Display Corp.
  15. $NQ
    NQ Mobile Inc.
  16. $STXS
    Stereotaxis Inc.
  17. $BCOIN
  18. $PRKR
    Parkervision Inc.
  19. $SPEX
    Spherix Inc.
  20. $UNXL
    Uni-Pixel Inc.