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    Kimberly Swartz Joined Feb 20, 2013

    Technical Analysis,CoFounder@Captain John, Entrepreneur, Writer, Benzinga Contributor, Powered by Coffee French Toast & Yoga. Midnight Cereal YouTube-


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      Michael Hicks
      Author of sci-fi/fantasy and thriller novels, trying to put my extra pennies to work in the market!
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      Greg Feirman Official Account
      Founder & CEO of Top Gun Financial, a hedge fund like Registered Investment Advisor now living in the Bay Area, CA.
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      Electrical Engineer. Marine Engineer. Weapons Systems Engineer Navy Combat Platforms: Tomahawk, Harpoon,SeaSparrow,CIWS(Phalanx Gatling Gun) Owner: Thunder Bay Development, Black Birch Construction, Premier Properties, . Renewable Energy investor
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      Rasool Cunningham
      I'm the luckiest person in the world! I found trading in a jail cell next to the cell of a convicted embezzeler in a NY state prison. I can truely, truely say trading has changed my life.
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      Sarah Kerrigan
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      Des Grundy
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      Academic turned trader. PhD's in the social sciences are a terrible investment! I much prefer the world of trading to the pedantic world of higher education.
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      marketchameleon Official Account
      Looking to provide the investing world the same tools used on wall street at a cost that will make you smile FREE
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      Maha Atma
      Big bank and hedge fund experience; Swimming in sea of sharks with this market. Fed is tinkering and they will fail again big time. Till then cautiously long on indices but take bearish bets too
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      Student of the Market. Trend & Position Trader. Absolute & Relative Strength. Intermarket Analysis. Stage Analysis. "Price is always correct, opinions are often wrong."
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      Quantocracy Official Account
      Curated links from the quantitative trading blogosphere. Formerly known as "The Whole Street".
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      Shaheed Crier
      Entrepreneur: Small Business Investor: Travel/Tourism Twitter: Scrier1983
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      Mathematics is the language of nature. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. If you graph the numbers of any system, patterns emerge. Therefore, there are patterns everywhere in nature.
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      Charlie Bilello, CMT Official Account
      Director of Research at Pension Partners, managing mutual funds & separate accounts. 2016 Charles H. Dow Award/2015 Wagner Award Winner. RT NOT endorsements.
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      Mark Arbeter CMT Official Account
      Former Chief Technical Strategist for S&P. Former head of MTA Admissions Committee. Shortlisted in 2013 as one of the best technicians for an equity research co. For premium newsletter info, email
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      Michael Moon
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      Sheldon McIntyre Official Account
      @seeitmarket Contributor
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      Michael McCreary
      Gann & Wave TA. A non-emotional trader. Stick to the plan. Cut losses short, Let profits ride. Ride the wave and reap the rewards.
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      G. Thomas Lackey Jr. CMT CFP® Official Account
      22yrs in industry, Found charts in 2000, hooked ever since. Founding partner & CIO at Relativity Capital Advisors.. No recommendations, just your homework. Husband, Dad & Motorhead