Brian Joined Apr 18, 2013

I enjoy looking at and attempting to understand charts & recently began posting some of my own. HOWEVER, I'm not a professional nor do I pretend to be one. Always remember, it's your trade alone. Know why you made it!

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $TXMD
    TherapeuticsMD Inc.
  2. $CHK
    Chesapeake Energy Corporation
  3. $AMKR
    Amkor Technology, Inc.
  4. $DRRX
    Durect Corp.
  5. $XBI
    SPDR S&P Biotech
  6. $GSAT
    Globalstar Inc.
  7. $TRVN
  8. $ICPT
    Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  9. $TRIL
    Trillium Therapeutics
  10. $GERN
    Geron Corporation
  11. $MNTA
    Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  12. $PGNX
    Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  13. $FOLD
    Amicus Therapeutics, Inc.
  14. $IBB
    iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology
  15. $CLDX
    Celldex Therapeutics, Inc.
  16. $SDRL
    SeaDrill Limited
  17. $IG
    IGI, Laboratories, Inc.
  18. $CLNE
    Clean Energy Fuels Corp.
  19. $DEPO
    DepoMed Inc.
  20. $ZIOP
    ZIOPHARM Oncology, Inc.