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      Nico Jan
      Charts, trends, ellipses, and Elliot waves! Flying low, below that radar..
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      Virginia Morris
      I am an 8th grade Algebra teacher in WV and have been day trading since 2005. My father taught me how trade and make my own charts. Together, we maintain two public chart lists on I am author #68, and my father is author #10.
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      Wall Street Cowboys
      I set up a free chat room to meet new traders.I got tired of paying for one. I think we can make this great. We help each,profit,help each other profit, help each other profit...This is my personal crusade to form a good community of traders
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      Brandon Locke
      Three Technical Indicators: Wilders RSI 14 -- MACD 12 26 -- 50DMA Software:TC2000 Charting
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      zQuant Official Account
      Day/swing trading strategy combines 28 algorithms and targets 300% in annual return. Algo returned 242% in 10 months. Sign-up for our daily trades at Please follow us that we can communicate via PMs.
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      Belly Buy
      A newbie. My charts are my musings on what I think is going on with the instrument I'm interested in. Will not answer questions anymore, do not have time. I am not a professional trader, just someone who likes to get through the trader mumbo jumbo.
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      Jeff York
      Wall Street is the Worlds Largest Casino! My methodology shows portfolio managers, active investors and traders, market timing opportunities using multiple pivot points. YouTube Webinar: TwitterID: @Pivotal_Pivots
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      Be seeing you! Find that steady state. Always buy the most profitable dip. The narcissistic road is never lonely. Planet earth is our only future. ENFP.
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      VIX Vixerson
      1 year percent rate of returns: 2015 = 56%. 2016 as of 11/10 = 65.05%
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      Daily chart alerts!, Blue Arrow Alert! (Trade Inside Bar & Up!) Price Alerts! (Full Time Frame Continuity) Daily Outside Gap Up ! list
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      Chloe Aureus
      Just here to share ideas and make money <3
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      InvestorsBusinessDaily Official Account
      Investor's Business Daily provides stock market news and analysis, powerful investing products, and education to help investors make money in the market. All content is for educational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice.
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      joe mcverry
      I've been trading since '75 when using $ from my newspaper route (The Hartford Courant) I bought 27 shares of Mattel; 4 years later I sold it; The profit helped pay for my 1st year of college.
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      Professional. Trading/Investing since +13 years. Steady profitable since >6 years. Stupidity and low iq gets blocked. Diffferent opinions then mine are very welcome.
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      Erick M
      Technical swing trader looking to teach others short term strategies, scalping, price action analysis, when to get in and when to stay away and short the market/ETFs, all through technical analysis/chart readings/algo trading.Trade at your own risk.
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      The Wizard (JohnC)
      Intraday Scalper and Swing Trader Technical Analysis Wall Street Consultant -Jesse Livermoore -There is only one side of the market and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.
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      reba dunn
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      Discretionary trader / try to remain actionable / 3 x IRONMAN / Army Physician Assistant / Trading since 1999