Taylor Joined Jan 17, 2013

I am a trader, investor, and poker player. I read contracts during the day, and dabble in these at night and on breaks. I like to play devil's advocate and pontificate on things sometimes.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $PHK
    PIMCO High Income Fund
  2. $RDEN
    Elizabeth Arden, Inc.
  3. $APPY
    Venaxis, Inc.
  4. $O
    Realty Income Corp.
  5. $DHY
    Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund
  6. $SSYS
    Stratasys Inc.
  7. $SCTY
  8. $KPTI
    Karyopharm Therapeutics
  9. $ASMB
    Assembly Biosciences
  10. $ISR
    IsoRay, Inc.
  11. $FNMA
    Federal National Mortgage Association
  12. $OXGN
    Oxigene Inc.
  13. $HART
    Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Tech Inc
  14. $OXBT
    Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc.
  15. $IBB
    iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology
  16. $CAMT
    Camtek Ltd.
  17. $IDRA
    Idera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  18. $OPK
    Opko Health, Inc.
  19. $ELON
    Echelon Corporation
  20. $PPHM
    Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.