Howie Joined Aug 24, 2013

Core holdings in health care related stocks catering to seniors. I cheese off the hacks and promoters on this site because not only do I refuse to drink their Kool-Ade but I dare to warn others.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $AGEN
    Agenus Inc.
  2. $ZIOP
    ZIOPHARM Oncology, Inc.
  3. $SORL
    SORL Auto Parts, Inc.
  4. $LEJU
    Leju Holdings
  5. $CREG
    China Recycling Energy Corporation
  6. $EXE-UN-CA
    Extendicare REIT
  7. $RLC-CA
  8. $MOBI
    Sky-mobi Limited
  9. $LAC-CA
    Lithium Americas J
  10. $LW-CA
    Leisureworld Sr Care
  11. $CHH-CA
    Centric Health J
  12. $RVX-CA
    Resverlogix Corp
  13. $SIS-CA
    Savaria Cp
  14. $ACC-CA
    Amica Mature Lifestyles
  15. $SD
    SandRidge Energy, Inc.
  16. $HMPR
    Hampton Roads Bankshares Inc.