Hungry Bear Joined Mar 19, 2013

Here to take a huge bite on the way down.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $VRNG
    Vringo, Inc.
  2. $VHC
    VirnetX Holding Corp
  3. $SATC
    Satcon Technology Corporation
  4. $BSX
    Boston Scientific Corporation
  5. $CHTP
    Chelsea Therapeutics International Ltd.
  6. $GNW
    Genworth Financial Inc.
  7. $TC
    Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc.
  8. $PACR
    Pacer International Inc.
  9. $DSS
    Document Security Systems, Inc.
  10. $SOCB
    Southcoast Financial Corp.
  11. $ACAD
    ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  12. $PEIX
    Pacific Ethanol, Inc.
  13. $AMRS
    Amyris Biotechnologies Inc.
  14. $GALE
    Galena Biopharma, Inc.
  15. $LPHI
    Life Partners Holdings, Inc.
  16. $DNDN
    Dendreon Corp.
  17. $SMCI
    Super Micro Computer, Inc.
  18. $TGC
    Tengasco Inc.
  19. $TRIT
    Tri-Tech Holding, Inc.
  20. $CROX
    CROCS Inc.