Jean Fonteneau Joined Dec 02, 2010

Entrepreneur and former fund manager, now active independent trader, trading mostly the US equity market via stocks, ETFs and options, following closely the syndicate calendar for IPOs and secondary deals. Active in markets for more than 15 years.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $CYNO
    Cynosure, Inc.
  2. $AIG
    American International Group, Inc.
  3. $LYB
    LyondellBasell Industries NV
  4. $FOSL
    Fossil, Inc.
  5. $DIS
    Walt Disney Co.
  6. $WWAV
    WhiteWave Foods Company
  7. $FXI
    iShares FTSE China 25 Index Fund
  8. $LINE
    Linn Energy, LLC
  9. $LNCO
    LinnCo, LLC
  10. $NGVC
    Natural Grocers
  11. $RGLD
    Royal Gold, Inc.
  12. $BONDS
    Bonds Stream
  13. $ZB_F
    30 Year U.S. Treasury Bonds
  14. $SSEC
    Shanghai Composite
  15. $WAGE
    WageWorks Inc.
  16. $PSSI
    PSS World Medical Inc.
  17. $IMH
    Impac Mortgage Holdings Inc.
  18. $LOCK
  19. $STUDY
    StockTwits Education
  20. $PZZA
    Papa John's International Inc.