Jerry Joined Sep 21, 2012

A Critical Care RN pursuing an MBA/MHA. I love biotech stocks and growth companies with disruptive technology. I look to capitalize off momentum. Goal-Retire and move to Hawaii.


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    Paula W.

    Swing dancing grandma, moving into swing trading stocks. Total newbie, but I'm fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara I could save the world. Right now, just trying to make some gluten free dough.
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    Streetwise Reports

    Focused on the precious metals, energy, life sciences and other metals sectors. Streetwise Reports features the leading investment coverage of gold, oil, uranium, biotech, pharma, rare earths, alternative energy, silver, platinum, medtech & potash.
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    Ken Perrone

    Principal, CIO, Equity PM/Analyst - 20 yrs. exp. BS - U.S. Naval Academy MBA - University Of Michigan Would rather be golfing or boating/fishing.
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    Francis Martinez

    trading since 94
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    Tim Strickland

    Husband, father, mentor, Eagle Scout, photographer, woodworker, business manager, market researcher & day trader. Yes, I live in Utah. No, I'm not Mormon.
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    A Raja

    Paramedic, Nerd, Dedicated researcher of biotech companies. Position Trader. The harder you work, the luckier you will become. Disclaimer: I am not a registered advisor so please always do your own DD. Enjoy life!
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    Andrew Emerson