Jesse Colombo Joined Aug 30, 2012

Analyst warning of dangerous new economic bubbles that started inflating after the 2008 financial crisis; columnist.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $MS
    Morgan Stanley
  2. $BCS
    Barclays PLC
  3. $TLT
    iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treas Bond
  4. $BTU
    Peabody Energy Corp.
  5. $BHP
    BHP Billiton Ltd.
  6. $RIO
    Rio Tinto plc
  7. $ACH
    Aluminum Corporation Of China Limited
  8. $TTM
    Tata Motors Ltd.
  9. $HDB
    HDFC Bank Ltd.
  10. $IBN
    ICICI Bank Ltd.
  11. $INFY
    Infosys Technologies Limited
  12. $IWM
    iShares Russell 2000 Index
  13. $QQQ
    PowerShares Nasdaq-100 QQQ
  14. $NORW
    Global X Norway ETF
  15. $EWL
    iShares MSCI Switzerland Index
  16. $UBS
    UBS AG
  17. $EWG
    iShares MSCI Germany Index
  18. $EWU
    iShares MSCI United Kingdom Index
  19. $EWQ
    iShares MSCI France Index
  20. $EWP
    iShares MSCI Spain Index