Johnny Joined Oct 05, 2012

I am a Due-Diligence Consultant with over 20 years of prior experience in the securities industry. I am a business owner and trade stock for my own account. My ideas are my own opinions and are not to be construed as investment advice.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $GRPN
  2. $TZA
    Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X Shares
  3. $HIMX
    Himax Technologies, Inc.
  4. $NEO
    Neogenomics Inc.
  5. $KNDI
    Kandi Technologies, Corp
  6. $PEIX
    Pacific Ethanol, Inc.
  7. $ACHN
    Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  8. $VHC
    VirnetX Holding Corp
  9. $OREX
    Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc.
  10. $BDSI
    BioDelivery Sciences International Inc.
  11. $SGYP
    Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  12. $IMPV
  13. $GIMO
    Gigamon Inc.
  14. $HALO
    Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc.
  15. $KING
    King Digital Entertainment
  16. $MVIS
    Microvision Inc.
  17. $MNKD
    MannKind Corp.
  18. $CERS
    Cerus Corporation
  19. $KIOR
  20. $NBG
    National Bank of Greece SA