Kenn Koz Joined Feb 01, 2013

50 this year. Upsidedown head and sholders patterns, Scholastics, MACD, a good chart TA pattern is better than making love. NO buy and hold here. Buy side anaytics is what I do. If you have a good chart, I want to KNOW!!

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $ACAT
    Arctic Cat Inc.
  2. $END
    Endeavour International Corporation
  3. $EGY
    Vaalco Energy Inc.
  4. $MEET
    MeetMe Inc.
  5. $CWTR
    Coldwater Creek Inc.
  6. $GRBK
    Green Brick Partners
  7. $SVNT
    Savient Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  8. $JRCC
    James River Coal Co.
  9. $EDAP
  10. $GA
    Giant Interactive Group, Inc.
  11. $TEU
    Box Ships Inc. Common Shares
  12. $ALDW
    Alon USA Partners
  13. $MAKO
    MAKO Surgical Corp.
  14. $NES
    Nuverra Environmental Solutions Inc.
  15. $UAN
    CVR Partners, LP Common Units r
  16. $NTI
    Northern Tier Energy LP
  17. $SODA
    SodaStream International Ltd.
  18. $GNC
    GNC Corp.
  19. $GRPN
  20. $CAMP
    CalAmp Corp.