Philip Trinder Joined Jul 11, 2011

President of MLP Protocol, investor, trader, and proponent of Master Limited Partnerships. All trades are my own personal trades.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $EVA
    Enviva Partners LP
  2. $SXCP
    Suncoke Energy Partners L.P.
  3. $TEP
    Tallgrass Energy Partners LP
  4. $PDH
    PetroLogistics LP
  5. $KNOP
    KNOT Offshore Partners LP
  6. $EMES
    Emerge Energy Services
  7. $PSXP
    Phillips 66 Partners LP
  8. $OCIP
    OCI Partners LP
  9. $WNRL
    Western Refining Logistics, LP
  10. $SRLP
    Sprague Resources LP
  11. $ARCX
    Arc Logistics Partners LP
  12. $MEP
    Midcoast Energy Partners, LP
  13. $DLNG
    Dynagas LNG Partners LP
  14. $VLP
    Valero Energy Partners
  15. $PAGP
    Plains All American Pipeline LP
  16. $CQH
    Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings
  17. $NSLP
    New Source Energy Partners
  18. $BRY
    Berry Petroleum Co.
  19. $USAC
    USA Compression Partners
  20. $TBT
    ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury