Marc Moss Joined Feb 03, 2011

Trading is extremely difficult, but I believe through hard work and perseverance the market offers great opportunity. Bull or Bear" I don't care!


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    John McCord
    Here for exchanging ideas only. Primarily work in futures - ES, NQ, YM, and TF. Any/all posts are NOT advice - purely for educational/entertainment purposes only. Trading has substantial risks...
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    Tom Smead
    Investment Officer at Jarvis Investment Limited. Established for over 30 years, Jarvis Investment Management Ltd offers a wide range of stockbroking and administration service and solutions.
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    SNW(Stocks Newswire)
    Hot Stocks Trend Analysis In Your Access. Contact us:
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    Stocks Newswire
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    Embrace Antifragility
    Former hedge fund manager now market mentor.
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    Mikhail Broyan
    Portfolio Manager macro trends, value stocks, market over-reaction situations with a mid-long term exposure.
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    We have been developing trading strategies for over 3 years, all based on Wyckoff methodologies. We use no technical analysis techniques and rely purely on Price Action and Supply and Demand. They are available for free trial from TradeStation.
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    Kyle Tavares
    Kyle Tavares is a jeweler and designer that provides ethical jewellery who is passionate about educating the gem lovers about the beauty of gemstones and diamonds.
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    Forex Useful
    FOREX USEFUL - Forex Trading Strategies That Work & The Best Thing Is Our 3 Core Strategies Are FREE!
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    Q Trades
    Small - Mid cap stocks and options trader. Writer and business professional. I trade momentum, breakouts, & news. Sharing opinions only, not giving any investment advise
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    Developers & Marketers of ProChart Levels; Designed to Assist Traders in Identifying Significant S & R Levels.
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    Mike Tinat
    Trading triple leverage $NUGT, $DUST, DGAZ, UGAZ. No options trading here. My posts are based on what I see on the charts. I am not suggesting to buy or sell. Trade at your own risk.
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    Jon Knight
    The usual. I trade nickels for dimes, sometimes. I find bottoms and buy with no doubts. I sell early and book my gains. Author of Introduction To Lines Of Force, a method of modeling forces acting on price over time, particularly after a peak.
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    Jason Brown
    Stock market coach and trader at
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    Felly Firecracker
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    We have turned investing into a sport! MoneyMVP is the only stock market competition platform that uses true fantasy sports game mechanics. Play for FREE!
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    Bryan Edwards
    I live in Roaring River, NC where I trade and help others trade HarmonicWaveConvergence using the ShredderFX strategy and "EdwardsAngles" via, come join the new paradigm. Charts tweeted here are from my live charts that I trade.
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    Jan Vajda
    Jan Vajda Attorney at Law Namestovo, Slovakia, Europe
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    CDM Capital
    CDM Capital is a private investment manager focused on due diligence-based value investments and special situation investing.
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    Abdul Qadeer
    IT professional (Software Programming and Web Development) , 6 years Experience write any Forex/Stock/Future trading SYSTEMs / STRATEGIEs.