GC Mays Joined Nov 03, 2010

Analyst G C Mays examines macro economic trends, he covers the agricultural chemicals industry & grains markets. He also provides analysis and valuation of specific companies.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $WEAT
    Teucrium Wheat Fund
  2. $CORN
    Teucrium Corn
  3. $SOYB
    Teucrium Soybean
  4. $TNH
    Terra Nitrogen Company, L.P.
  5. $SYT
    Syngenta AG
  6. $UAN
    CVR Partners, LP Common Units r
  7. $SMG
    The Scotts Miracle-Gro Co.
  8. $RTK
    Rentech, Inc.
  9. $RNF
    Rentech Nitrogen Partners LP
  10. $POT
    Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Inc.
  11. $MOS
    Mosaic Co.
  12. $MON
    Monsanto Co.
  13. $IPI
    Intrepid Potash, Inc.
  14. $CMP
    Compass Minerals International Inc.
  15. $CGA
    China Green Agriculture, Inc.
  16. $CF
    CF Industries Holdings, Inc.
  17. $AVD
    American Vanguard Corp.
  18. $AGU
    Agrium Inc.