MeasuredMoat Joined Jan 15, 2014

My strategy is to utilize the magic of compounding by dividend investing in a diversified portfolio of wonderful businesses at reasonable prices for the long run. What's the moat? I eat my own cooking---->see stocks I'm following

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $TUP
    Tupperware Brands Corporation
  2. $ALS-CA
    Altius Minerals Corp
  3. $COH
    Coach Inc.
  4. $BBL
    BHP Billiton plc
  5. $MCD
    McDonald's Corp.
  6. $CFR
    Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc.
  7. $CVX
    Chevron Corp.
  8. $CVA
    Covanta Holding Corporation
  9. $IBM
    International Business Machines Corp.
  10. $MAT
    Mattel Inc.
  11. $MDP
    Meredith Corp.
  12. $FNV
    Franco Nevada Corporation
  13. $WPC
    W. P. Carey Inc.
  14. $CSCO
    Cisco Systems, Inc.
  15. $KMI
    Kinder Morgan, Inc.
  16. $POT
    Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Inc.
  17. $T
    AT&T, Inc.
  18. $WPZ
    Williams Partners L.P.
  19. $PM
    Philip Morris International, Inc.
  20. $OHI
    Omega Healthcare Investors Inc.