MnArooler Joined Dec 19, 2012

Specialise in merger and acquisition arbitrage, high frequency trading, stats arbitrage and advantage arbitrage.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $EROC
    Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L.P.
  2. $WMB
    Williams Companies, Inc.
  3. $WPZ
    Williams Partners L.P.
  4. $EQM
    EQT Midstream Partners
  5. $OKE
    ONEOK Inc.
  6. $OKS
    ONEOK Partners, L.P.
  7. $CMLP
    Crestwood Midstream Partners LP
  8. $DTV
  9. $VNR
    Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC
  10. $LRE
    LRR Energy, L.P.
  11. $ETE
    Energy Transfer Equity, L.P.
  12. $ETP
    Energy Transfer Partners L.P.
  13. $ARP
    Atlas Resource Partners, L.P.
  14. $ATLS
    Atlas Energy, Inc.
  15. $TRGP
    Targa Resources Corp.
  16. $NGLS
    Targa Resources Partners LP
  17. $EPL
    Energy Partners Ltd.
  18. $EXXI
    Energy XXI (Bermuda) Limited
  19. $HCBK
    Hudson City Bancorp, Inc.