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    MonacoTrader Joined Jul 06, 2013

    I use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. 15 years experience at various funds and prop desks. Now managing a family investment office. My comments are not investment advice so do your own due diligence.


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      Mark Holder Official Account
      Stone Fox Capital Advisors
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      We live in a golden age of biotech. Come with me and milk it dry.
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      North Harbor Capital
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      Jordan S. Terry Official Account
      Managing Director, Stone Street Advisors LLC. Fundamental value/deep value/special situations (long & short) investment research for Hedge Funds. Ex-credit IB'er, Corp Dev, Ops. Stern MBA'er. CAVEAT EMPTOR.
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      Khloe Kallahan
      Born in Lexington, Kentucky. Attended Kentucky State University. Go Thorobreds! Currently live in Chicago, Illinois. Work for Goldman Sachs. Current portfolio at 350k. Traveled to Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland and Ireland.
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      David Merkel Official Account
      David J. Merkel, CFA is Principal of the equity asset management firm Aleph Investments, LLC, and writes The Aleph Blog.
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      john clark
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      David Blair
      Keeping trading simple by trading clearly defined support and resistance areas a.k.a Stocks in Boxes. (Opinions Only)
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      What I do is to determine without emotions major turning points and strong trends of major assets that include global indices, equity sector classes, high liquidity stocks, debts & fixed income, commodities and currencies.
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      Making $ w/ Joe Sixpack
      Turned 10k into 1/2 million in 2 yrs! I consider myself a day/swing trader; however, I also maintain a separate portfolio with long term holdings which I add to when good opportunities present themselves. --Take profits daily!
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      Boyplunger's Uncle
      Heavily leveraged, only taking positions when a large reward:risk bias skew perceived. Exit quickly after the easy money has been made but press the great moves if out-sized returns are probable via statistically (seemingly) improbable continuation.
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      In commercial real estate development and love to analyze and invest in stocks as a hobby. Interested in fundamental analysis, mid/large cap growth companies, and opportunistic buying on market corrections. I mainly target biotech and tech companies.
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      I am a veteran trader since 1977. Primarily trade positions based on technicals. Stocks, options, commodities. Follow me an I will follow you!
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      Teaching investors since 2009. Trading education and learning lab lounge located in Amesbury, MA.
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      Daniel Ward
      Analyst with experience as prop trader on the Street as well as working in asset management. CFA candidate and Seeking Alpha writer. Specializing in value biotech and write Biotech Weekly. Personal opinions, not investment advice.
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      Chemical Engineer and MBA. Use FA/TA & options. I'm still down on a ttm average. Don't listen or act on anything I post because you'll probably lose money with me.
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      Mark Newton Official Account
      Greywolf's Chief Technical Analyst, more than 20 years of buy and sell-side experience; Formerly w/ Diamondback, Morgan Stanley, & CBOE Equity options floor trader- Frequent commentator on CNBC, FOX Bus, Bloomberg, BNN- Opinions are my own
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      Kinji Watanabe
      watashi-wa Trader desu!! Too old to Rock'n'Roll, to young too die My Hero: Kinji Fukasaku
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      personal investor looking for smart option and momentum plays to add alpha to LT growth portfolio