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Technical swing trader with an eye on basic fundamentals. Primary focus on the S&P ETFs. Follow technical activity of large institutions and hedge funds. Enter high probability swing setups with high reward to risk ratios.


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    Bruce Wayne
    Don't chase. Buy the pullback. Follow Price & Volume. Don't follow me blindly & my ideas should never be regarded as investment advice.
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    Stock Market = Ponzi
    Proprietary system built on big data pattern recognition algos. 85% daily success rate since Feb '15. Full transparency on options traded. Shadow my trades on Before you start trading options, STUDY THIS:
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    I base my opinion around the use of median line in patterns and time evolving fibonacci relationships - I am neither long term bear or bull but aim to be on right side of fence on a daily basis Always bet against my house, please!
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    Scott Smith
    My incredibly smart wife one day suggested that I stop talking to the TV on how to trade and to use my knowledge instead to help others. So, here I am.
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    Dan Smith
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    Abigail Doolittle Official Account
    CNBC Contributor, Financial Market Chartist, Founder of Peak Theories Research
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    Linvest Research
    26 years of MKT experience, independent research analyst to institutional investors,provides technical analysis & trading strategies including Indexes, Stocks, ETFs, Option, Currencies & Commodities. Ideas are personal opinion not investment advice.