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    Not 4 Long Joined Sep 16, 2013

    A Firm Stock Lover. You should be in love with every stock you purchase. It may be for a very short period of time.... However, it makes it more special.


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      m T
      Finding junk cos to burst bubbles
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      The NOTORIOUS kiksbutt
      I trade parabolic charts. D/T and Swing. Proclaimed "The NOTORIOUS short"
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      Ralf Kaiser
      ♦ Aficionado of Optimal Trading Strategies in Stocks, ETFs, ES Futures and Forex ♦ Incorporating effective strategies in to high performing portfolios ♦ Husband to ONE; Father to THREE ♦
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      Gwenn Mercedes
      I use time tested proven C.B.P.P methods (crystal ball price prediction) combined with A.P.A.T.T (analyst pump at the tops)