OnTheBalance Joined Apr 13, 2013

Investing in equities in US and Canadian exchanges while adjusting for risk and volatility. Focus is primarily on fundamentals and Industry sector specific shifts. Carefully watching flow of funds out of China. What if GDP growth there is much lower?

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $AGEN
    Agenus Inc.
  2. $ULTA
    Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc.
  3. $FMI
    Foundation Medicine Inc.
  4. $RCPT
    Receptos, Inc.
  5. $SRNE
    Sorrento Therapeutics Inc.
  6. $EVOK
    Evoke Pharma
  7. $CBLI
    Cleveland BioLabs, Inc.
  8. $GHDX
    Genomic Health Inc.
  9. $AFSI
    AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.
  10. $VSTM
    Verastem, Inc.
  11. $SVU
  12. $CGIX
    Cancer Genetics, Inc.
  13. $ONVO
    Organovo Holdings Inc
  14. $LULU
    Lululemon Athletica Inc.
  15. $XNCR
  16. $GOGO
    GoGo Inc.
  17. $A
    Agilent Technologies Inc.
  18. $PACB
    Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc.
  19. $QGEN
    Qiagen NV
  20. $SQM
    Chemical & Mining Co. of Chile Inc.