Patrick Dunuwila Joined Apr 17, 2012

Swing/day trader. I believe fundamentals are reflected in the charts & price action, technical analysis all the way. I like to share my trades and opinions but am always learning from others!

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $KORS
    Michael Kors Holdings Ltd
  2. $CELG
    Celgene Corporation
  3. $BIIB
    Biogen Idec Inc.
  4. $VIPS
    Vipshop Holdings Limited
  5. $TKMR
    Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp
  6. $LAKE
    Lakeland Industries Inc.
  7. $OPK
    Opko Health, Inc.
  8. $PCLN
    priceline.com Incorporated
  9. $KNDI
    Kandi Technologies, Corp
  10. $OTIV
    On Track Innovations Ltd.
  11. $MOBI
    Sky-mobi Limited
  12. $MATR
    Mattersight Corporation
  13. $TSLA
    Tesla Motors, Inc.
  14. $EJ
    E-House (China) Holdings Limited
  15. $SPY
    SPDR S&P 500
  16. $GTAT
    GT Advanced Technologies, Inc.
  17. $GLUU
    Glu Mobile, Inc.
  18. $HIMX
    Himax Technologies, Inc.
  19. $NQ
    NQ Mobile Inc.
  20. $PXLW
    Pixelworks Inc.