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    Leo Kolivakis Joined Jun 02, 2013

    I am an independent senior pension and investment analyst with years of experience working on the buy and sell-side. Mostly swing trade, love taking a few concentrated bets at the right time and can hold positions for a long time if I have conviction


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      Brian Neall
      I teach a unique trading methodology blending best-of-breed technical and fundamental analysis that I've been using in my own trading over the past 12 years. My newsletters and book have been purchased by 10s of thousands since '04. Series 65 licen
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      Allen Simpson
      Eat, Sleep, Trade. Tweets are stock ideas for educational purposes only. Have a plan. Website: Twitter: @eatsleeptrade7
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      Money Talks Yall know the rest
      Here to make MONEY!!! 1. Dont always believe the HYPE. 2. Do your OWN DD. 3. Dont fall in LOVE with ANY stock. 4. Dont Trade with your EMOTIONS.
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      I post ideas for trades and observations on stocks. Price and price history is my focus for trade setups. Swing trading equities mostly, with goals to grow into options trading and world domination. My opinions are my own. Trade at your own risk.
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      Jonathan Bluhm
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      Zack Q
      Just a college student whose turned $1000 into $5600 trading. Follow Me to find out the top gainers every morning and potential plays every night.
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      Been investing since 2005. I like to dabble in biotech.
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      Ryan J Davidson
      A venturer who seeks opportunities all over WS as passive income. Plays involve both short and long positions. Trades are based on momentum, technicals, and historical price action. Started in 2012. Net liquidity $176K. Thanks for the follow!
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      Professional Stock Trader / Futures Trader Looking to profit from the Intraday Swings. Follow me on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube for more action
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      Hundred To A Million
      17 year old trying to turn $100.00 into $1,000,000 by June 2017. Gambling on the facts. I'd like to think I know what I'm doing but ALWAYS do your own research! Current: $450, split between HTBX/EYEG
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      Milk Trader
      Milk Trader since '71. Fan of the Ludwig Van B. Owner of a Durango '95. Trading style: Not poogly-spoogy of risk but not one to lovet a falling nozh as well; just a little of the 'ol in-out, in-out, yarbles out with my Pretty Polly will do.
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      Jack Bennett
      Network TV News mgmt and ex Army officer. Have traveled the world and plan to retire after 2012 Olympics (not competing, just televising). NJ shore native with passion for sea, sun, fishing, golf, and ice hockey.
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      Vision without a plan is just a dream. Plan our trades and trade our plans. Business person of the year. Invest in game changers. Using both FA and TA for trading. Equities, ETFs, rarely options.
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      BullyTheBear BearyTheBull
      250 Characters would only scratch the surface and we wouldn't want to mar the surface of a gem with a scratch now would we? Charles Dow meets John Magee meets Munehisa Homma meets Jesse Livermore meets Stan Weinstein.
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      -- SON OF MARKET GODS -- KING OF THE CALL SWEEPERS - Professional gambler -- Aggressive order flow & Sentiment aficionado -- Visit WALLSTJESUS.COM for private twitter alerts & premium memberships
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      Anthony Verdone
      Free trading service and chart analysis. Email me to get started. Donations can be made when you feel I deserve it. Alerts come via group text and my stocktwits watchlist is my active portfolio.
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      Sean Dekmar
      Sign up to before January 1st and receive a Free Two Week Trial! We look forward to seeing you in chat!
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