Peter Nees Joined Nov 04, 2011

Builder of Uncle Stock. Uncle Stock is an independent investor tool enabling quantitative stock analysis based on fundamental and technical metrics. Supports Greenblatt and Piotrosky scores.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $JAG
    Jaguar Mining Inc.
  2. $MAXY
    Maxygen, Inc.
  3. $PRLS
    Peerless Systems Corp.
  4. $SSRI
    Silver Standard Resources Inc.
  5. $RIMG
    Rimage Corp.
  6. $LPHI
    Life Partners Holdings, Inc.
  7. $DGIT
    DG FastChannel, Inc.
  8. $GTU
    Central GoldTrust
  9. $CCJ
    Cameco Corp.
  10. $CYTX
    Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.
  11. $RIC
    Richmont Mines Inc.