Georgi Joined Dec 23, 2012

My decisions when trading futures are based on following the smart money. They simply have more brain resources, more insights, and more money than I do. I also invest in equities when they present good risk/reward opportunities. Ben Graham fan.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $UGAZ
    VelocityShares 3x Long Natural Gas ETN
  2. $SPY
    SPDR S&P 500
  3. $CT_F
    Cotton Futures
  4. $NG_F
    Natural Gas
  5. $ONP
    Orient Paper, Inc.
  6. $REMX
    Market Vectors Rare Earth/Str Metals ETF
  7. $CL_F
    Light, Sweet Crude Oil Futures
  8. $ZC_F
    Corn Futures
  9. $GC_F
    Gold Futures
  10. $USDX
    US Dollar Index
  11. $AUDUSD
    Australian Dollar / US Dollar
  12. $6A_F
    AUD/USD Futures
  13. $ZW_F
    Wheat Futures
  14. $6B_F
    GBP/USD Futures
  15. $GLW
    Corning Inc.
  16. $ZS_F
    Soybean Futures
  17. $DARA
    DARA BioSciences, Inc
  18. $LB_F
    Random Length Lumber Futures
  19. $ACRX
    Acelrx Pharmaceuticals
  20. $LE_F
    Live Cattle Futures