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    Connor Loewen

    I'm young and malleable. "Strong charts can predict the future" -- "Set a limit and stop; take your money and run" -- "The trend is your friend until the end"
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    Ryan Detrick

    Husband and proud father of 3. Frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox. Senior Technical Strategist at Schaeffer's Investment Research.
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    Grok Trade

    Grok Trade, a fresh new brand, is an online trading education resource helping traders reach their full potential in trading through foundational online trading education and a personal trading mentor.
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    Ryan E. Cormier

    - Micro Analytic & Structured Base Systems, Trend Portfolio Manager, Real Estate Investor -
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    Chris B

    Mainly a swing trader. Don't usually day trade. I trade primarily 3XETF's and will hold them as long as I see a general uptrend. I dont usually trade TZA, FAZ or UVXY, unless its a no brainer. I will go to cash and sit in times of uncertainty.
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    West coast trader focused on visual analysis and trading over multiple time frames. Do your own DD when entering/exiting any position. I'm a good sport and will answer your ?s but snyde/trollish comments will get you blocked.
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    Bikini Analytics

    Revealing market commentary
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    Mike Tinat

    Trading triple leverage $TNA, $TZA, $UVXY, $XIV, $NUGT, $DUST, $JDST, $JNUG. No options trading here. My posts are based on what I see on the charts. I am not suggesting to buy or sell. Trade at your own risk.
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    Mark Mahoney

    Creator of the T125 Algo-Trend (we post the reversal). Currently 87% Success Rate in 2014 We trade live here: RaidCall Live Here:
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    Richard Elie Maseri

    Former Stockbroker, CTA & Hedge Fund Manager. Developer & Author of several # 1 rated (FT) quantitative futures trading systems. Love my Sons 1st, then the Derivatives, Forex, Futures & Gold markets!