Bill Joined May 16, 2013

I'm a designer, a Pearl Jam fanatic, an Apple devotee, and I enjoy gorgonzola.


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    Gio Stelly
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    Josh Freeman
    Healthcare Recruiter, Sports Enthusiast, Bitcoin Advocate, Newbie Trader
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    David Lawrence
    Be smart Be fair Trust in Dog! not a bear
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    Shelley Ephraim
    Portfolio/Investment Manager at AST Personal Wealth....born in St. Croix USVI and raised in the Bronx. Proud husband and new daddy. "Have more winners than losers is the key"
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    A North Investments
    A North Investments Incorporated (abbreviated “ANI”) is one of the leading private investment & information technology companies in the world. WORLD HEADQUARTERS 24x7 SUPPORT +1 (212) 321-0833
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    Elaine Benes
    Former high school math teacher for 20 years, now a trader by day, tutor by night. I am trying to educate myself here to be a better trader. I love music, comedy, movies, sports, nature, and animals, especially dogs.
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    Sam Mitchell
    I invest in companies with strong fundamentals which are also significantly undervalued, presenting a good margin of safety. I write extensively about my ideas and investment strategies on my blog at Soberstocks.com
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    Eden Hall Global Capital Co., Ltd are helping large amount of Chinese good projects doing listing in overseas and financing. More details about our projects visit: www.ehclglobal.com
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    CDM Capital
    CDM Capital is a private investment manager focused on due diligence-based value investments and special situation investing.
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    Don Kassim
    mostly trading weekly/monthly options. buying calls, puts and studying about butterflies now
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    david lawrence
    Have held AAPL long since March 2012 after daytrading it for years. Yes, i know... I no longer listen to Cramer at all or watch CNBC lol