Stephan Bogner Joined Apr 13, 2012

Rockstone Research is a research house specialized in the analysis and valuation of capital markets and publicly listed companies. The focus is set on the exploration, development and production of resource deposits.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $CCO-CA
    Cameco Corp.
  2. $MOS
    Mosaic Co.
  3. $NRE-CA
    Namibia Rare Earth J
  4. $RES-CA
    Rare Element Res J
  5. $REE
    Rare Element Resources Ltd.
  6. $FRO-CA
    Frontr Rareerth Ordj
  7. $QRM
    Quest Rare Minerals Ltd
  8. $TAS
    Tasman Metals Ltd
  9. $SAM-CA
    Starcore Intl Mine J
  10. $NUS-CA
    Nautilus Minerals J
  11. $MGN
    Mines Management Inc.
  12. $MGT-CA
    Mines Management J
  13. $MND-CA
    Mandalay Resources Corporation
  14. $MAG-CA
    Mag Silver Corp. J
  15. $ASM
    Avino Silver & Gold Mines
  16. $AVL
    Avalon Rare Metals Inc.
  17. $AVL-CA
    Avalon Rare Metals Inc.
  18. $WPX-CA
    Western Potash Corp
  19. $FR-CA
    First Majestic J
  20. $XAUUSD
    Gold U.S. Dollar