Brian Frank Joined Mar 06, 2013

Daytrader of SPY and VXX


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    Scott Cameron
    Trading is a hobby for me right now PERIOD. I took up part time trading to learn it, so I am no one to follow or take advice from. Humility and failure are my biggest successes...
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    College day trader turned into a paid IS, working full time for a firm but still post my old lehmans ideas within my very few positions at a time while monitoring the broad market on a technical basis. Here to help make sense of these markets
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    Wall Street Forecaster
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    Sterling Archer
    I come here to kill time in between martinis. I'm not a pro, but i am amazing.
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    Ran johnson
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    Vinny Gambini
    Founder Trading since 1987, Ichimoku disciple, options & equities using technical analysis, patterns, fibonacci. CANSLIM mindset. Architect, father, Vietnam Veteran, USN 72-76. Core belief : Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Karma
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    The Premium Seller
    I am a trader who uses options to sell premium. I attempt to sell OTM options in order to take advantage of time and make money as theta contracts every day.
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    Intraday Options. All cash before the close. Avoid trading in 1st hour. Have a bull AND bear plan for each day. Remain flexible. Cut losses, and run with your winners.
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    Jason Bond
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    Warrior Trading
    Warrior Trading is a community of professional traders working together to generate ideas, post breaking news, and educate beginner traders. I run a live audio/screenshare feed into my office so anyone that wants to watch me trading can stop by
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    Breakout expert with stock options, focusing on a small selection of high odds stock setups that can produce strong gains of 100% to 300% within a short time period of time. This system puts the odds in your favor.Confirmation is key
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    Greg Harmon Official Account
    Founder and President Dragonfly Capital. Managed Accounts, Premium Service and free blog at, Professional Stock and Option trader, Author, Get my book here