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    Russell "Stringer" Bell Joined Aug 11, 2013

    Near future: Major currency devaluations + severe economic collapse will result in high rise in precious metals / one world currency.


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      Just believe with all ur heart
      Born into dead religion I was monster slave to sin, fear, addiction, selfish, idolized people. Now I know Jesus by Holy Spirit, I am a child of God completely living in freedom. I am a evangelist, musician, encourager, healer, husband, a father
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      John F.
      Full time game designer, part time trader learning the art of the market. Technical / Swing / Day trader. Follow for plays and trading ideas! #ULtraders team.
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      Lloyd Cox
      Home of the 1k to 250k trading challenge. Trade stocks and options with over 400 members. This is the real deal.
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      Antonio Pasquale
      Seasoned investor focusing on 1.Large caps with solid long-term prospects. (DRIP kings) 2.Small/micro cap stocks with high growth potential. (next big thing) All while knowing what matters most.
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      Decided to semi-retire from medicine before age 40 thanks to Obama....Idiot in Chief.
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      Patience is the key.
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      Syntec Ventures
      Investor and Day Trader. Trade based on TA with focus on minimising risk. Invest in undervalued tech w/ insane growth (my background). Sharing my trade ideas in real time for all. Like my ideas? Donate BTC: 12sa7CBZk4gePVDPtNCZX61Jg7tmT7V5mt
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      uranium pinto beans
      Experienced Stock Options Trader, Currency Trader
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      Jesse Stine
      Author- Insider Buy Super Stocks (2013). $46k to $6.8 million in 28 months (14,972%). My Bread and Butter: The intersection of deep value and extreme momentum. Twitter- @InsiderBuySS
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      So Generous
      Financial Engineer. Big on Biotech. Using technical analysis, I am able to consistently produce profitable trades & abnormal returns. Made 1,000%+ on FB, NFLX, and REGN options. My goal is to become the greatest investor and trader that ever lived.
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      richard thorn
      Husband-father Retired school teacher Lake Tahoe/Mammoth dreamer. Back to 100% bios.
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      Not smarter, just a name
      I play technical momentum swing plays and break outs with options 99% of the time. I always look for a great short squeeze. I'm NOT smarter than you. Inside joke only.
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      Mike Tinat
      Trading triple leverage $NUGT, $DUST, DGAZ, UGAZ. $TNA $TZA. My posts are DICTATED by the charts. I am not suggesting to buy or sell. Trade at your own risk. Always place stops if you do not have the financial back up. Do NOT ever use MARGIN!