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Algo Z is a technical indicator similar to Stochastic or RSI. It should be interpreted in much the same way. Algo Z is unique in that it is predictive. A website is currently being finalized to offer Algo Z to those interested.


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    Victor Zubarev
    We use techniques developed by Thomas DeMark, W D Gann, T H Murrey and esoteric AstroTrading methods by Bill Meridian, Fabio Oreste, W D Gann, Bradley Cowen Also a big fan Renko & MarketProfile
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    Davide Catanossi
    Professional trader from 2005, he is the inventor of Geometric Synthesis, a new way to use geometry to measure the forces involved into financial markets starting from the movement they produce. He is the founder of
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    Specialists in the use of Elliott Wave, forex, EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, ES, SPX, NDX, DOW, FTSE, DAX, GOLD, SILVER, OIL
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    Heavy WD Gann Analysis including Permanent Charts, Square of 9, Wheel 24, Hexagon Movement, the Squares of Odd and Even Numbers and the Square of 52, swing charts, seasonal changes and Multiple Cycles Analysis, "Time is the Resistance to Price"
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    Giuseppe Locatelli
    Financial charts, risk-reward & timing. Trade with your own trading system. Informational only, not a recommendation to buy or sell any security.
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    David Busick
    I do one thing and I do it very well; precise Fibonacci entry levels on any futures contract,equity or option. Lover of the blues; Muddy, Howlin, BB, Lightin', Buddy, KWS .. Stay humble or the market will humble you.
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    Deepak K Tiwari
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    Active in the markets for over 20 years, utilizing technical analysis to try make money for others and have some fun. Enjoy fly fishing, tuna fishing, golfing, cooking from scratch and good friends. Big fan of animals, especially dogs!
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    Skeletor ( Bones )
    Your only as good as your last mistake !
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    Chosen One
    I AM that I AM
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    Gerald Langelier
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    Charting for a living @