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    The Market is an organism. Alive and breathing


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      The Java Pit Trading Room
      93% of our whispers for 2014-2015 made $$$. The stock whisperer has trained over 1000 traders worldwide. She teaches her online students to day trade and swing by entering only the highest probability trades by following the dark pool.
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      Ed Ward
      Ive learned from many mistakes over the years and have survived. Real $$ is made by waiting patiently and not having the need to constantly buy and sell. Happy Trading.
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      zQuant Official Account
      Day/swing trading strategy combines 28 algorithms and targets 300% in annual return. Algo returned 242% in 10 months. Sign-up for our daily trades at Please follow us that we can communicate via PMs.
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      Made a Killing in the crash of 2009- Then Bought the crash with both hands- Sold Everything and traveled the world- NOW I AM BACK! I'm not selling anything!!! Here to trade-share ideas & make fun of the rookies :)
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      Dana Lyons Official Account
      Partner at JLFMI, RIA & founder of I Long-Term Growth Through Active Risk-Mgmt l Original YahooFinance Contributor: l Husband, Father of 3 (oldest is 4) Wharton/Penn FB l Posts≠recommendation to buy or sell anything
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      Bob or Willy if you prefer
      Just trying to help, one idea at a time. Still so much to learn about trading. Do your own DD. Striving to be civil and courteous to all.
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      Holy Grail Trading Strategies
      FREE Ideas. Take 'em or leave 'em. Respekt.
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      Mei Day Trading
      Here to make a little money. secretly aiming for millions.
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      King Solomon
      Location hedge fund city Fractal ,technical , cyclical analysis , Newtonian physics ,equities metals and low floaters
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      David Atherton
      British day/swing trader, indices/FX. Some stocks. Mainly DAX & DJIA. See LinkedIn for my full profile. Also on Twitter @adatherton. Also real estate developer/landlord and business angel.
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      Yield div drippers for LT. Swings in metals, miners, energy, tech and bio. I like to knit and spin wool.
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      27 yo swing trader w/+4 yrs of experience. Continually learning & being humbled by the Mrkets. Bio Degree. Enjoys: charting w/Creativity. Strengths: Squeezing out profit. Tweets are opinions not advice.
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      Vernon McDaniel
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      Twitter: @chartguys Official Account
      Technical Analysis Education & Community. Live Market Video Coverage, learn how to read charts & patterns with hundreds of like minded traders.
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      feed me
      I bite
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      Former head of strategy of the Chief Investment Office at Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Now just the guy winning all your money.
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      uranium pinto beans
      Experienced Stock Options Trader, Currency Trader
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      (Sam) Samantha
      The #1 Advanced Warning Trading System In the World - MSP ALGO artificial intelligence MSP Money Flow Dark Pools in Real Time with Cheat Sheet - Advanced Price Action Predictions - Trade like a Pro! Twitter: