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    Lynn Joined Feb 03, 2013

    Looking out for Momentum plays for Swing or the day. Love the Biotechs.


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      Adam Singer Official Account
      Analytics geek and investor / trader. All information for fun / I am not a financial advisor. I take risks so you probably shouldn't take my advice. Do your own DD.
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      Peanut Dealer
      Follow me if you want. Trade my ideas and opinions at your own risk. There can be only 1...potato
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      C King
      Information Intelligence Broadcasting. Many trades are real time. Check the Chart date, time, and length for short, mid, long term trade timelines.
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      Louise Avery
      Hayseed from Kansas, loves to be drunk. who's got a cigarette?
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      Skippy von Snootington
      The von Snootington Family engages in day trading, swing trading, and long term trading. Our primary objectives are making money, reuniting the entire Seinfeld cast, and world domination. *** BEWARE THE PUMPERS!!!
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      Chris Ruel
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      Head day trader and day trading mentor at Trader Tutors. Short term trading market expert and life long enthusiast.
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      Gaspar d'Orey Official Account
      Founder @Zercatto, a Global Investment Strategies Platform, where you can share your knowledge, earn money without regulation and follow all the top traders! Detail: you only pay when the performance is positive! Check it at
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      Real-time Sentiment Analysis and News Analytics on Stocks, Fx, and commodities. Check or { APPS FINSENTS <GO> on Bloomberg for more details.
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      marc anthony
      60 yrs old.former broker,trader in nj.used to be an avid trader now more of a buy and hold.write puts and covered calls.
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      Matias Scalres
      CEO, Founder and primary FOREX Trader of company Graydon Group Limited. I managed accounts (copy trades) and provide FOREX&GOLD signals.
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      Worked as a Financial Advisor with PaineWebber/UBS. Mentorship in 1996 with Art Cashin. Also worked with Raymond James in Boca Raton. 12 years as a licensed broker. Current stock trader and Lic RE Broker.
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      Becky Hiu Official Account
      Fundamental and technical trader. This is the personal Twitter account of Becky Hiu and is not connected in any way to a professional designation or vocation. Opinions are my own. Trade at your own discretion.
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      Dana Lyons Official Account
      Partner at JLFMI, RIA & founder of I Long-Term Growth Through Active Risk-Mgmt l Original YahooFinance Contributor: l Husband, Father of 3 (oldest is 4) Wharton/Penn FB l Posts≠recommendation to buy or sell anything
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      InvestieComp Earnings
      Trade with InvestieComp Signal Engine to discover great trading opportunities during the earnings season. @investiecomp
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      TheStreet Official Account
      TheStreet brings business and financial news, investing ideas and analysis. We want to help you make money.
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      Breakout Stocks
      1. Breakouts have a consistent set of patterns. 2. Respect price and volume confirmations. 3. Moving averages are important guide posts. 4. Institutional volume is what makes a stock move.