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    Matt Joined Mar 10, 2013

    "In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable." - Robert Arnott


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      Gav Reid
      "Lord, You delivered unto me $5,000. Behold, I have gained $5,000 more." Matthew 25:20
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      Aejaz Dar
      "The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on, nor all your piety nor your wit can cancel out a word of it, nor your tears wash away a line." Rubiyat, Omar Khayyam
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      Jerry Kerns Official Account
      Editor-in-Chief at Morningstar, Inc.
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      TJ Lee
      I would short my own grandmother if I could. Hey, she's on her way out, why not make a buck?
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      Rich Becker, CPA
      Fearless & Rational Millennial, trying to juggle my career with my true passion-"the market".
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      Mike T.
      Finding truth in charts and tuning out the noise. Owner of CHARTS DONT LIE LLC. Professional Trader and Trade Coach. Please reach out to see how I can help you become a better trader.
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      Javier Tejada
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      Suel Forrester
      Using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation - Trading style ranges from investing to scalping. Prefer to trade growth stocks in a clear uptrend. Since 2006. Thanks for Bruce Lee for the quote above
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      I am a trader making big day trades both buying on momentum and shorting plays. I will post often. I usually start my shorting early in the morning during pre market trading so be up early. Ask question i will answer.
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      Jesse Stine
      Author- Insider Buy Super Stocks (2013). $46k to $6.8 million in 28 months (14,972%). My Bread and Butter: The intersection of deep value and extreme momentum. Twitter- @InsiderBuySS
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      Corning Incorporated Official Account
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      I went to college on scholarship. My parents gave me $10,000 that was set aside for Tuition. On my Grandfathers advice I bought Berkshire Hathaway and have not sold a single share to this day. That is my Retirement Plan.
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      DayTrading Power
      Live day trading chat room and education. Free trials to chat room now available to see the "3D Trading System" in action. The newest most effective tool for day trading. See website for signup.
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      michael dell
      Double Tops & Bottoms a specialty trading like a Dolphin off the wakes of the ships at sea , BASSAR (buy at support/sell at resistance) Double tops & Double bottoms a specialty !
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      Mad Marsupial
      Down-n-out loser investor living under a bridge, drinking wine, fishing and living the dream.
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      The Speculator
      I'm a Big Gain Hunter. I go for pure momentum. I target powerful breakouts. I've opened up my trade journal to show how I do it. It explains my entries. My wins, my losses. Education of a Speculator:
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      Aware Wolf
      Technical analysis trader/ Momentum trader with 8 years trading experience. Analyzing Tech & high growth/ momentum stocks....My Views are my own and are not recommendations. I am not responsible for your trades.